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A brand new collecting society for pictures, bringing together a wealth of experience, it will ensure that all those representing visual artists and creators, here and abroad, can claim royalty payments more effectively. PICSEL is a not-for-profit organisation, committed to taking care of your interests and giving you a level platform to engage in secondary licensing.

In order to claim secondary licensing revenue through PICSEL, you will have to grant PICSEL the necessary licenses through a mandate

**** This year PICSEL distributed record amounts to rightsholders and kept its fee at a record low of 15%. Between £25 and £8,290 was paid out to individual rightsholders in this year’s distribution to visual artists and creators. The move to matching claims to surveys of copied works has transformed the finances of artists who now see revenue following rights and not vice versa. The window for 2019 claims opens on 1st January 2019 and closes on 1st February 2019. ****

****The Copyright Licensing Agency (CLA) has decided, in consultation with the Intellectual Property Office (IPO), to withdraw its application to operate an extended collective licensing scheme.****

What You’ll Receive


– A newfound freedom to choose a highly professional conduit to claim secondary licensing royalties
– The prospect to govern your collecting society for the benefit of all rights holders in your repertoire
– The opportunity for you to input directly into discussions on secondary rights licensing


– A commitment to working with you to deliver a cost effective distribution platform
– A commitment to openly work with all PICSEL members and other collecting societies
– A commitment to be cost efficient and to make credible and timely payments using up-to-date technology


– Respect as rights holders with the offer of fairness and impartiality to those eligible to claim
– The security to know that your primary rights licensing will be protected from erosion
– Use of member’s expertise to obtain the best commercial return for entitled rights holders
– Access to new revenue streams from other secondary sources