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Who We Are

Picture Industry Collecting Society for Effective Licensing

“Established by rights holders for rights holders”

PICSEL is a not-for-profit organisation, committed to taking care of your interests and giving you a level platform to engage in secondary licensing. As a brand new collecting society for pictures our key objective is to ensure that all visual artists, creators and representative rights holders, in the UK and abroad, can claim royalty payments more effectively.

As a rights holder who licenses visual works, you can mandate PICSEL to represent you in collecting secondary income for your repertoire.

PICSEL launched under the auspices of the new UK Collective Rights Management Regulations, which came into effect on 10th April 2016.
Our aim is to be equitable, accountable and transparent as a collecting society for visual works.

At PICSEL, we provide a central point for members to get more actively involved in the governance of the organisation and the licensing programmes made available by organisations such as the CLA, ERA and NLA, as well as others.

Our Commitment to You

We are committed to securing a bright future for licensing rights holders within the picture industry, and identify innovative business solutions for secondary licensing as the industry adapts to a fast-changing digital environment, whilst protecting rights holders’ primary licensing businesses.

What We Do

Our intent is to generate more revenue for your rights. We offer direct support to help manage your mandates and data, whilst giving you the reassurance that we will always have your interests at heart, as well as update you on important issues and new business opportunities.

Choice – Transparency – Reward

PICSEL is a ‘new’ collecting society responsible for collecting monies made from reprographic and secondary digital copying. Its main source of income emanates from the UK Copyright Licensing Agency (CLA), which is then equitably distributed to visual arts rights holders based on an agreed distribution policy by its members.

We offer an alternative choice for visual rights holders who license their content for primary uses to UK book and magazine publishers as well as TV broadcasters. We aim to employ a simple, fair and transparent process, which will look to obtain the best commercial return for entitled rights holders.

PICSEL has laid down some important foundations to ensure we provide you with the optimum service as a collecting society
Laying PICSEL Foundations
PICSEL aims to:

  • Incorporate principles from the UK CRM Regulations and support the rights of rights holders;
  • Offer a competitive choice for rights holders who want to claim secondary licensing revenues;
  • Reduce the administrative and financial burden for claimants by providing a simple, fair and transparent process;
  • Work alongside other collecting societies to ensure that the maximum income is returned to all visual artists for copied works;
  • Protect revenue streams by being involved in discussing licensing schemes and locating rights holders, especially those who are non-members but have a right to remuneration.

“Picture library representation works for tens of thousands of photographers who choose to work in a way that gives them a better access to clients and allows them to get on with taking photos while someone does the admin around selling.  What PICSEL seeks to do is to try and make it easier for creators who work through picture libraries to get their money and to give them a greater share of the revenue to which they are entitled.  I am very supportive of the idea of PICSEL being set up and offering a viable choice for rights holders and generate some competition to improve the system for all creators, something which is encouraged by new UK regulations.”   Paul Brown, Managing Director, Mary Evans Picture Library & PICSEL Founding Member.

For further information on PICSEL, please refer to our Code of Conduct document.

To Become A Member

PICSEL membership is open to all visual rights holders who directly license images for books, magazines, and TV broadcasting, in the UK, which includes picture libraries and agencies – large or small – as well as individual creators.

  • Membership gives you the right to govern your collecting society for the benefit of all rights holders in your repertoire and importantly, the opportunity for you to input directly into discussions on secondary rights licensing.
  • To become a member, you must either be an individual creator, picture library or agency that issues licences to UK book and magazine publishers and TV broadcasters. You may be a sole trader, an SME, a cultural heritage organisation, or a medium to large agency. Membership is currently free.

For those of you keen to join, download a free membership form here.

To Claim
In order to claim ‘secondary licensing revenue’ through PICSEL, you will have to grant PICSEL the necessary licenses. This is done through a mandate.
To mandate PICSEL you do not need to be a member but you will need to be an entity – individual, picture library or agency, that directly licenses artistic images for the repertoire outlined.

PICSEL takes its governance seriously and has set out its board to reflect the importance of both its eligible members and the need for a creator representative to be inclusive in all matters of secondary rights decisions. For further information on Governance please refer to our Code of Conduct document.