First ever valuation on UK visual arts revenue concludes

14th January 2016

The valuation process was undertaken by a variety of trade organisations representing publishers, authors, and visual artists – ALCS, ACS, BAPLA, DACS and PLS, with the determination undertaken by the independent valuer Mark Bezant of FTI Consulting. A crucial step in establishing a greater share of distributed funds from the CLA for visual works was achieved, with significant assistance from BAPLA and its members in contributing to the evidence needed to show both the extent of image licensing made by picture libraries and agencies, as well as the retention of all contractual licensing rights. As the report shows, visual artists made great gains in certain sectors, where the evidence provided was accountable.  For the full story:  For further information on the determined revenue splits, refer to pages: 8; 17; 23-25; 37; 60; 73-75; 142-146