PICSEL’s first 2016 claims process underway

An historic moment for PICSEL as the claims process for 2016 gets underway.  In this first year, PICSEL undertakes a newly implemented system, which sees for the first time a 10% data matching process used to verify works that have actually been copied in real time. Any unmatched data will still come from the 90% rights revenue the CLA has collected during 2016. This is a pioneering new process that will be implemented across all visual art collecting societies in the UK, with next year seeing 15% rights revenue allocated to matched data, followed by 25% in the subsequent year. Rights revenue will be paid out to rights holders who have mandated PICSEL in 2017 once the process is complete. If you have any questions during this time or want to know more about how PICSEL is applying efficiency to their end of the process, simply get in touch.