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Useful Links
As part of our strategy for openness and transparency, and to find out what has influenced and shaped the new landscape for UK collecting societies, we have provided the following useful links.

The UK Intellectual Property Office is the official UK government body that oversees UK regulations and sets out policy on IP rights, including copyright. In 2016, the IPO released a guide on the introduction of new Collective Rights Management regulations in the UK, in response to the European-wide Directive for collecting societies and having undertaken a short technical review in October 2015 with a variety of stakeholders from the creative industries. For further information on the IPO technical review process, click here.

UK CRM Regulations
In 2014, the European Union agreed a new Directive that changed the law applicable to Collective Management Organisations (CMOs), otherwise known as collecting societies in the UK. The UK Government incorporated much of the legislation into new regulations.

The introduction of new UK Regulations in April 2016 brings in a new era of collective rights management, with the aim of ensuring that the revenue collected by CMOs, is distributed to all those who are entitled to claim a share, on whatever basis, permitted by law or contract. Its intention is to provide the freedom for rights holders to choose their CMO under a fair and balanced process. The CRM Regulations places the emphasis on choice for the rights holder, encouraging competition between collecting societies, which may have previously enjoyed a monopoly status.

The Regulations outline clear legal requirements for all CMOs to adhere to, meaning there are specific obligations a collecting society must fulfil. These duties encompass:

  • Equal treatment to all categories of rights holders;
  • Improvements to the functions of a CMO;
  • Transparency in the disclosure of information & reporting;
  • An equitable distribution of rights revenue.

For an overview of collective management organisations and the new UK Regulations:

For the UK IPO Guidance document:

For the CRM Directive document:

The British Association of Picture Libraries & Agencies (BAPLA) is a well-respected and long serving trade organisation. Established in 1975, BAPLA represents a wealth of high quality world-renowned picture libraries & agencies, compromising of a diverse group of sole traders and small businesses, several cultural heritage organisations, and a handful of medium and large companies, which in turn represent image-makers from across the globe and importantly the UK. PICSEL was founded following a unanimous vote to establish a CMO at the BAPLA 2015 AGM. It is from this collection of agencies that PICSEL derives its membership and expertise. For more information on BAPLA click here.